Buying My First RV!

This decision was a bit impulsive. I may be very nervous, excited, and scared all at once, but that is also the thrill of it... the unknown so to speak. I trust myself enough to figure it all out. In the meantime, the lease with my "luxurious", overpriced loft expires in about four months (November 2022), so I have some time to start selling all my things without the panic of being rushed to move out. 

First thing I did was get a storage unit and I started cleaning out my apartment like I would if I wanted to Air Bnb it, this made it pretty easy to stop hoarding on ridiculous things that don't matter and actually put things in storage I will keep such as winter clothes, summer clothes, my modeling clothes, and my filing storage for important documents. Though, I could probably still get rid of a lot more, that day will come. 

I searched RV's at dealerships but it seems like all the new ones were over $100,000. I started looking at some of the older RV's and actually came across some that had new flooring and were more modernized. I fell in LOVE with the idea of a project. 

I was looking for anything over the year 2000 and under the year 2007 since the price range skyrockets after 2007. I found a 2001 Fleetwood bounder that would be quite a big project and only $21k, but after a day it was sold to someone else. 

Since I didn't have the money to throw down twenty grand, I was told to go to a credit union or a lender. I ended up going to my Navy Federal and the advisor really didn't know much about things like this. After reading through she told me I would need the exact RV picked out to move forward. Of course I didn't like this answer because the RV I just really liked was sold instantly. So I looked online and with lots of research I found In the meantime, I was searching on Facebook marketplace instead of dealers.

I don't think I slept for about five days because people are selling their motorhomes left and right on there. I came across a few that already had upgraded flooring and kitchens, but since I didn't have the money in hand that was obviously a problem. Of course the lender ALSO needed me to have an RV picked out. However, they deal with this stuff on a daily basis, so I felt more comfortable going through them given all the highly rated reviews on google as well. 

I finally came across an RV that was updated, had NEW almost everything. It was a 2007 Four Winds Hurricane and it was located in LAs Vegas about 15 minutes away from me. I went to the owners place, created an amazing relationship, and was pretty sold on the spot, but I had a few other RV's to look at that day. After going to my next appointment, I couldn't stop thinking about the 2007 RV... I ended up leaving my appointment and making the owner an offer. He happily accepted. Then I started the lending process with My Financing USA. 

By the following week, boom. I am an RV owner. 

And instead of my $2,400 in rent, I will be paying $413 a month with no pre-payment penalty.

In the meantime, I plan on Air BnBing my RV for glamping experiences and get it ready for my adventures come November 2022.